For charities, 2020 was one of the most challenging years they have ever experienced. Covid-19 brought a sudden end to bucket collections, coffee mornings, sponsored runs, and all the other fundraisers that they rely heavily on.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout from the pandemic has had a negative impact on people’s mental health that is both immediate and longer term. People with existing mental health issues were further distressed and there were new people of all ages developing acute anxiety and related mental health problems.

With these two very important points in mind, MTD Precision Engineering decided to support a number of charities in December 2020 in lieu of corporate Christmas gifts.

The charities we supported include

• Shine –
• Pieta House –
• Jigsaw –
• Aspire –
• The Jack and Jill Foundation –
• St. Joseph’s Foundation –

As the country heads into another six-week lockdown, the publics mental health needs minding more than ever.

With the pandemic continuing into 2021 and cutting a bigger hole in their finances, charities are in need of a helping hand to generate the urgent funds to maintain their key services.

Support the important work these charities do by following the links above.