Adapting and thriving in the new world of work

At MTD Precision Engineering we have adapted to life with Covid 19 ensuring projects and customer orders are still completed on time while ensuring the safety of our employees.

We initially undertook an intelligent assessment of our workspace and work practices to ensure that our staff could continue working safely and productively on-premises where possible.

Shift patterns are now spaced out over 7 days a weeks so we can support appropriate social distancing measures onsite. Meaning we can now remain open 7 days a week in the safest possible manner.

We have also embraced the the magic of videoconferencing technology which allows us to continue communicating with our current and potential clients virtually.

Our team can continue to work with you through the Research and Development stage, executing innovational tailored project results and creating prototypes that evaluate and enhance the outcome of the design. We carefully oversee the management of a project and embrace the newest manufacturing  technologies to produce leading edge results. We offer lifetime engineering support for all engineering solutions provided.

If you have an engineering project we can help you with contact us today on +353 21 4524640 or